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Greeting?s, MM To all who enter here.

I have been practicing Wicca for 30 years. I have been teaching Wicca for about 6 years. I enjoy all aspects of this Religion. It can have a very serious side, plus a fun side all in one.  It is the fastest growing religion. I have put this group together as in hope we can learn what we are destined to learn. You are not alone. You don't need to walk down this path by yourself. We are a group of many of all ages. Wicca is a Earth/Nature based Religion.  Please feel free to email me at anytime for information concerning Wisconsin's School of Wicca. We have local meetings and workshops available. To help you with your learning please feel free to contact me at Wisconsin School of Wicca listed under Contact us.. Please keep returning for future updates or visit us at yahoo groups.  All you need to do is join and start your journey today.

Blessed Be

Keep the Moonlight in your eyes,

And the wind at your back,

And walk with the wind....




This is a place where we can discuss and learn about The Craft of the Wise. I Practice Celtic Witchcraft. We currently have Monthly services on or around the Full Moon or New Moon. We currently have group participation. Feel free to contact me at anytime. If you have any questions about any services, please feel to email.
Please call or email for available dates on Handfastings or any Wiccan Ceremonies.