School of Wicca

About Us

Greetings, MM To all those who enter here.
I welcome all seekers.
This is a online group for the study of Wicca. We have monthly meetups and study groups. Please feel free to join and possibly get involved with learning sessions. And meetup with others in the area. I hope you find your stay a pleasant one and I hope you find all the information you are searching for. Please feel free to post stories of actual events that has happen to you. This too is a learning experience. Post any questions you may have. Please no slang, keep it clean. We learn best from our trials and errors and by asking questions.  All postings are subject to approval by the Moderator. All entries will be edited by our editor.
Blessed Be

Keep the Moonlight in your eyes,
And the wind at your back,
And walk with the wind.