School of Wicca


This is the Frost most Popular introductory course into Witchcraft as a practical spirituality. This course into Witchcraft can take longer than a year to complete, because it is packed with information, much more of  which you've ever seen anywhere else! It is a logical progression through your course dipping into many areas of Witchcraft. Your course also offers easy read explanations of some areas within Wicca that few Teachers will delve into.

Are you still celebrating Halloween (Samhain) October 31?
Then you need this course.
Are you still trying to make and do love spells?
Then this course is for you.
Are you wondering why your High Priestess is a notorious gossip?
Then you need to do this course.

Pay $10.00 today to sign up. See why I think you will agree that this course will give you more thanany other Wiccan source you have already encountered to date. Easy payment plan is available of   $20.00 per month or  per lecture.
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Lecture I

Basic Precepts and Definitions:

In the beginning with a discussion of what Witches believe. You will  learn about our Gods and Goddesses, our belief in reincarnation, and the wiccan view of heaven and hell. In addition to the theory, Lecture 1 teaches you the basics of ritual work, raising power and casting spells.
Witchcraft will work for you as it has for millions through the ages. Lecture 1 teaches you to begin to take charge of your life and  to controll your destiny.

Lecture  II

Through craft style spiritual medation and dream analysis you will learn to solve your problems and find peace within yourself. Through those teachings you will meet your inner self for the first time. A whole bright new world will be opened to you. You will achieve spiritual highs that you never dreamed possible. You will learn to recognize omens and portents, life's signposts that steer you toward peace and fullfilment ONCE YOU LEARN TO READ THEM.

Lecture III

Lecture III  The Standard Services:

To learn the knowledge  contained in lecture III, is to learn how witchraft ritual
(group spell casting) work. Rituals are for fun as well as serious work. Such as helping  and healing, witchcraft is a joyous religion, filled with dancing,  feasting and all kinds of Merryment. You will learn the wonderful  trueth behind all the horror  stories that have  gone through  centuries of  ignorance. You will learn to cast circles and to do what witches do.  At the completion  of this lecture you may join our  network   so you can  contact other members in your area.

Lecture IV

Lecture IV  Iniatation and Fertility Services

These very secret rituals are  explained in detail,  handfasting  a witches wedding
coming of age and leadership. Lecture IV  discussed in detail  craft iniation what it means why is it so important and how is it done. Initiation make you a part of a very select group one that will stand by you,  through good times and bad, and is someone you can depend on. 

Lecture V

Lecture V   Sacred tools and Equipment

No witch  can work effectively with out his/her tools, no circle, no ritual, can be complete without your tools. Their beauty and power are awesome. Lecture V
will explain the significants of the ankh, the athame, the book of shadows. Cingulum the flail. the very sacred pentanfaen, you will be taught step by step how to make each tool for your own use

Lecture VI

Lecture  VI   Song Prayers and Incantations

This Lecture is about prayers and how to raise power with chants, songs and incantations, dance and other sensory keys, in it you will learn raise power for almost any purpose that you can imagine. The magic side of witchcraft  Learn to raise power through chanting and dance and singing. Learn how to establish psychic links and how to get rid of those pesty neighbors who has been irritating you so long. These rituals are called the fun part of witchcraft, but remember they are serious fun, because you get exactly what you ask for!

Lecture VII

Lecture VII  Perils and Precautions

Have you ever awoke in the morning and felt terribly depressed, thinking you should end it all. because life isn't worth living any more? That sinking desperate feeling could be the result of psychic attack by someone who wishes you harm. Thoughform energy can be used for evil against another human being. Lecture VII can teach you how to protect yourself from all attacks, necessary knowledge in todays world.

Lecture VIII

Lecture VIII  Forming and Running A Coven

Now that you are deep into study of the craft, you will want to meet others with whom to share your interest  and newly discovered talents. This lecture will guide you in the search for other craft minded persons and suggest precautions to take. It also contains information of forming your own coven. The joys of practicing the craft with others are unbounded. But you must be aware of insincere people can create pitfalls.

Lecture IX



Lecture IX  Healing

This lecture could be called What Witch Doctors Do. You will have the power to heal yourself and others. You can give yourself good health by using psychic and herbal healing. Which is now being called wellness theory. You will be well and be able to help others be well.

Lecture X

Lecture X   Telepathy and Clairvoyance and Clairsentience 

Protect yourself  and reach you goals by training yourself  to read minds and see events occurring many miles away. You can develop those senses and more with guidance of lecture X. These abilities are real. You will soon begin using them as thousands of witches use them every day.

Lecture XI



Lecture XI   Prediction

Haven't you always wanted to foretell your future? Learn astrology, tarot cards, I ching, hand reading, and Wiccan natural prediction. This Lecture will give you all important  information to make choices and avoid disaster. It will basically put you in the drivers seat of your life. The lecture will introduce you to several methods of prediction which you can develop more fully if you take the schools full course in prediction.

Lecture XII

Lecture XII  Harmony

A guide for the life of a Witch. The final lesson contains summation and a admonition to remember what you have learned, to practice what you have learned, to continue to grow in the ways of the wise. If you have not been initiated, you will be given the opportunity  to be come an initiated Witch.  Then, assuming you've completed the basic course satisfactory, You may continue your studies in other areas of chosen specialty.

Upon successful completion of all twelve lectures  you will receive Certificate of Completion for the basic course in Celtic Witchcraft. If you become initiated  and complete the course with a grade average A , you will receive a Doctorate