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Here is a little experiment you can try yourself. The next time you're standing in line at the supermarket look around for someone that is daydreaming. In your mind repeatedly send out as strongly as you can the silent message: look at me look at me look at me, after some practice you will find more and more often the target of those silent commands will actually turn around and stare at you. This is a simple demonstration of the power each of us has, the power that can cause another person to react without saying a single word. Give it a try..

 Witches believe our spirit is reincarnated on the physical plane until we get it right. And increasing body of evidence proves that we Wiccans have been right all along. Gavin and Yvonne Frost too have had much success in demonstrating the truth psychic power. In the most fondly remembered Healing experiments skeptics from a Methodist congregation in Missouri volunteered to prove. it couldn't be done, their plan backfired. Directed by Gavin and Yvonne they cured three out of ...four cases of illness selected at random from the same Methodist congregation. During the past two decades the frost have taught some 150 thousand persons basic witchcraft. Over 16,000 have completed the basic course and many have continued. Some of the students have made comments about the changes witchcraft has brought in their lives. I have completed the 12 lecture course on witchcraft which I have taken without the intention of becoming initiated until I have found it to be enjoyable and stimulating to my mind and by making me aware of many things that I took for granted all my life I have learned much about myself and the world around me and I will never forget them. 

 This is a threshold of the most exciting experience of your life if you are acquainted with the ways of the craft you already may have some idea of exhilarating journey you're about to undertake. I have been practicing the craeft for a total of 34 years, above all else, it has given me a beautiful continuing sense of contentment in my life. I am happy within myself and happy with others I don't going to shock at the thought of life's problems because we now know and understand why problems come and how we actually benefit from facing them. There are various paths by which you can gain what you want from life the ancient Celts thought of this as many paths to a spiral glass castle. I know you can find what you seek. Of course you must first learn how and that is the purpose of this course. I will show you an easier path through life. You can learn from our experiences in other realities. We have been to the mountaintop and I can show you my path. Learning the craft is as much fun as it is hard work casting spells developing your psychic power meeting your spirit guides the first time you realize you have the power to heal a fellow human will be joyous beyond words. If you're interested in learning only the fun part of witchcraft this course will provide you provide that too. 

 Wicca is a religion of joy and love is practice brings warmth and pleasure to all participants. The constant excitement of new discoveries and the wonders of a rational explanation for the universe gives a new zest and interest in life to all who share Wicca beliefs. The mainstream of Wicca believe can be likened to a strong oak with its roots well planted in natural ways and it's branches reaching upward for more exhilarating experiences and spirit development. Some of the smaller side branches contain publicity seeking extremist such extremist make religion unpalatable to the average citizen but without them and experimental and developing religion like Wicca cannot progress. The object of the religion is life in harmony with nature and with the spirit world on the other side. The other side or simply side as it is known as a leader who created all things. That leader or overseeing intelligent not the devil is the God of Wicca. We are not white witches. We practice the age old art of Wiccacraeft or known as craft of the wise.